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YourBrand   is a marketplace of domain names that are owned by several different investors. To facilitate the transfer of domain ownership, we provide an escrow service between the domain owner (the seller) and you the buyer. will hold your payment as a third party, and guarantee the transfer of the domain into your account at the registrar of your choice before they release funds to the seller.

When you buy a domain name from YourBrand  you will become the new owner of the domain, and it will remain yours as long as you renew your yearly registration with your domain name registrar. There are no recurring costs from YourBrand. 

The logo designs featured with our domain names are designed to help you visualize what the brand could look like.  If you would like to have and use the logo, you have the option to.  We can send you the original graphics file, usually in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop format, so that you can modify and resize it if needed. If you choose to not use the logo, there is no reduction in the total price of the domain.

To enforce security from both buyer and the seller, our payment transactions are all made through

The easiest and fastest way to own one of our domain names is to create an account with as a Registrar to expedite the transfer of the domain name. acts as an escrow agent, between the buyer and the seller.

Order Placement

Search and locate domain (s) you would like to buy, fill out and submit the inquiry form. You will be contacted by a consultant to discuss price and transfer process.


Order Verification

Our duty is to ensure that your payment is successfully verified via and all the documentations we require aredelivered.


Domain Transfer

After confirmation and verification of your order by, we will email you and ask for registrar of your choice. The next step is Domain name transference process.

Logo Design Files: Logo files are always delivered via email during transfer process of the domain name.


What's encompassed with my purchase order? 

Every Display logo (s) purchase is inclusive of domain name and logo files. Logo source files can be; .ai, .psd. svg or any other type dependent on your liking. Logo files are mailed to you after confirmation of purchase.

If you require minimal changes on the logo (s) such as element re-sizing, color changes, layout changes you can access Basic logo customization. For detailed customization i.e. extensive design work we are able to provide such services separately.


Is it possible to reserve a domain name with minimal down payment? 


Our booking policy is 20% deposit rate of the total domain price. The allocation is valid for 30 days for products (s) requested. For the reservation period, the requested substances will be removed from the site.  The Pledge is non-refundable.

If 30 days end and the entire payment for domain reserved is yet to be received, items go end up for sale except a reservation delay is approved.


Can I buy through installments?

Yes, we offer domain name financing. has a great financing option and we can accomodate flexible loan terms.


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Can I front a little down payment to reserve a domain?

This is dependent on choice of registrar and where the domain lives.


How long will I have to wait for a Domain transfer to go through?

First Scenario:

If the domain registration is registered via GoDaddy and you select Enom as the registrar, the process takes between 5 to 7 days for completion.

This is the norm in the manufacturing. Every single phase a domain is transferred to a different registrar the waiting time lasts between 5 to 7 days and in some instances, up to 10 days.

Second Scenario:

If the domain is registered at GoDaddy and you select GoDaddy to be your registrar, the procedure will only take a couple of minutes from the period transfer will been engaged. This process is known as:

Account Transfer

Account Push

Domain Push

Account push time will be somewhat based on specific individual registrar as well as the account change method. Most popular registrars offer fast and instantaneous means of making account transfers while the least popular registrars may need more time.


What Domain registrars should I Use?

In most instances, the one most preferred.

In several occurrences, we may require that you create an account at the current domain’s registry to successfully complete the transfer should an occasion arise where the domain has been locked by a registrar.

Registrar locks are capped on domains after its registry and any other time its changes hands or switches registrars, and when the registered proprietor on the Whois file switches. The registrars’ locks last for 60 days and are a standard procedure for every registrar.

It is critical that a domain is moved to a specific registrar. Please request for the service ahead of time to guarantee that the domain is not under any sort of lock and avoid any unwarranted delays.


Is it possible to revoke my order?

You are at liberty to call for an order annulment, but only if the follow circumstances warrant it:

The order is less than three days old

If the domain (s) you are buying is yet to be unlocked and the authorization code is yet to be sent to you

If the domain is yet to be transferred into your personal domain management account

Note that we should not to be held accountable for the successful reception of email or voicemail. If you fail to get an email back from us with the confirmation that your order was cancelled, it means it’s being processed.

Kindly ensure that you receive the mail before finalizing that the order has been cancelled. The email carries critical info regarding your refund.

In instances where the domain owner fails to respond to emails within ten days in regard to your order that prevents the bought domain from being transferred, you have the privilege of asking for a full refund at any given time from that point and the order will be cancelled immediately.


What is a domain registrar?

A domain registrar is service which embraces your domains. Domain registrars hold more like: SSL certificates, web hosting, email accounts and many more.


A Number of Popular Registrar Service Providers Include:

  • Wild West Domains
  • Fabulous
  • GoDaddy
  • 1 and 1
  • DynaDot
  • Enom
  • NameCheap
  • Tucows
  • Dotser
  • Network Solutions
  • Moniker
  • RegisterGlobal

Your registrar account inside is where you will gain admission to your domain settings. These are settings used for website setup or for setting up domain’s performance such as redirecting/forwarding to an extra website.


Will domain maintenance attract extra costs?

Lower-priced domain registrars’fee stands at $8-$10 annually for every .com domain. Annual registration costs differ with other domain extensions. Examples of the extensions include: .net, .org and many others.

Should a scenario occur where the domain is transferred to another registrar other than the current one in use the receipt registrar will need a transfer fee of around $8 to $10 to successfully finish the transfer, this is inclusive of a year’s domain registration that takes over for the transfer cost.


You only sell .com domains why?

.com domains are some of the most popular and most valuable. They are also the utmost memorable of any extension. It is vital you operate a .com domain name to have people familiarize themselves with your brand.

The .com extension is easily known as default extension. This means, .com extension is the principal and only place browsers look into when trying to find you through the internet.

There are plenty more benefits to the .com URL. They include; low annual registration prices, memorability, SEO benefits and more rewards.

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Are your Domain names inclusive of trade mark rights?


We don’t trademark our names and not any of them are inclusive of trademark rights. When buying a brand from us, you will only purchase the domain and proprietorship rights to the logo design artwork provided for.


How can I peruse to see whether a name has been trademarked?

If you wish to carry out an independent search, below are several resources to check on active trademarks:

U.S. Trademark Search

U.K. Trademark Search

Canadian Trademark Search

We advise consulting with an attorney of law for any lawful advice in regard to this topic

Also visit: Our Disclaimer concerning Trademarks


Is your interest either procuring my domain or trading for it?

If you are interested in selling a domain creating trade, kindly notify us. We can advise that you list it within our catalogue or perhaps pass to you several outlets that will help you find several buyers.