Unique Business Names

YourBrand.com Provides Affordable Branding and Domain Names

Now more than ever, unique business names are essential for marketing your product or service. Not only are good names part of successful business marketing, so are recognizable logos that clients can easily recall. Developing these tools doesn't have to be an expensive proposition. At YourBrand.com, we have hundreds of domain names that come with great graphics at affordable prices.

Whether you want to buy a domain name outright or prefer leasing one, YourBrand.com has easily recognizable names on preferred dot com domain names that Internet users love, making your company not only easy to recognize, but also easy to find. Search for your domain name in a variety of ways. For those searching for short names, we have domains with three, four, five and six letters. If price is a concern, you can search for domains that will fit your budget, like the under $1000 or under $2500 categories. Customers can even search for domains by category or keywords.

YourBrand.com is able to offer domains and accompanying logos at low prices because we are constantly searching of available names for sale. We work as a broker of sorts, matching you with available websites. We act as an escrow service between you and the seller, ensuring a smooth transition of ownership before funds are deposited in the seller's account.

Downloadable logos that may be resized or modified according to your needs come automatically with purchases so buyers can visualize how their domain will appear. Customers who choose not to accept the suggested logo, however, will not receive a reduction in price. YourBrand.com has no hidden fees. Once customers purchase the domain, the brand is yours to keep as long as you pay the annual fee with your domain name registrar.